January 2005

Adaptive Feeding

I am trying out adaptive feeds from feedburner, I had some complaints that not everyone could read the Atom feeds that are produced by my kind host, Blogger.

New site up

I got around to putting my new site up today.

Here comes the next one

From today’s Guardian. The US is increasing the pressure on Iran by sending military planes into its airspace to test the country’s defences and spot potential targets, according to an intelligence source in Washington.

Diving in the shipping lanes

Diver magazine is publishing an article in next month’s issue about a trip I was on last year to dive deep, unidentified shipwrecks in the English Channel, right on the shipping lanes.

Police State

Today in the Guardian : George Churchill-Coleman, who headed Scotland Yard’s anti-terrorist squad as they worked to counter the IRA during their mainland attacks in the late 1980s and early 1990s, said Mr Clarke’s proposals to extend powers, such as indefinite house arrest, were “not practical” and threatened to further marginalise minority communities.


I am moving from Demon to Luminas’s ISP so that it is easier for them to pay my online expenses (working from home and all that lot).

Dim witted first post

OK, so I am new to blogging. There has to be a start.