February 2005

Bloomin' Telecoms

British Telecom, the monopolistic supplier of all ADSL connectivity in the UK decided in their infinite wisdom to change their infrastructure recently.

Smack Dot Mac

Dot Mac is broken AGAIN!!!! iSync does not work. Backup does not work.


I live in a lovely Victorian apartment block in the centre of Brixton.


If you like Flickr, you’ll love this. Flickrgraph It allows you to interact with the relationships between Flickr members.

The weirdness of prescience

I saw Paycheck last night. The film by John Woo from a short story of the same name by Philip K Dick.


WOW !!!!! Panoramas of the moon

H's Blog

I am over at my friend H’s house today Ostensibly to get his new ADSL connection working.

Hands Off !!

P1010038.JPG Originally uploaded by sharkbait. I love lobsters …… to watch, not to eat :-)


Three hilarious articles: • First Look: Apple’s new PowerBook G5 • Building a Linux System even your Grandmother could use • Mac Mini: The Emperor’s New Computer

Suspect Government

When is a terror suspect not a terror suspect? When the Home secretary decides that someone who has been held for 3 years is suddenly not a risk anymore.

Free Jam

I am a .Mac member, I get the occasional email from them telling me what the latest thing is they are offering me to keep paying for the service (I pay for it because you get synchronisation of address books, bookmarks etc.