August 2006

Heard a faint Quack !!

I thought …. if I am ever going to get out of my Ubuntu non-booting mess, I am probably going to have to re-install, maybe Breezy ….


As a follow-up to my remarks about CalDAV [yesterday][2] ……

The duck still twitches

The [bug][1] that is stopping my old Mac Cube running Ubuntu seems to have been found before the 6.

WWDC 2006 - First thoughts

Present: Time Machine - Please Deity, let it be based on a standard Subversion repository ….

Ubuntu: Dead Duck

How enthusiastic I was about Ubuntu in my last post :-)

Trying Ubuntu

Two blog entries in one day !!!! My readers are going to flip !

Google Photo Sharing

Google just released photo upload tools for MacOSX for their Photo Upload site, Picasa.