August 2007

MetaData Madness

So, I just got back from a 6 week holiday (fantastic, I’ll write about it soon) with 5000 photos and a bunch of GPS tracks, so what happens now?

Editing Tracks in GE

It is possible to edit GPS Tracks imported into Google Earth, but it is not obvious or intuitive.

Simplifying GPS Tracks

Anchoring Originally uploaded by sharkbait. In my last post I talked about needing a tool to simplify GPS tracks, to remove the spikes and squiggles you get from inaccuracies in the GPS readings and stuff like swinging around on anchor chains.

GPS Shenanigans

I had a GPS (Garmin GPSMap 60CSx) for the first time, to take on a long sailing holiday, to be able to geotag all of the photos I took and maybe publish some tracks to Google Earth.


I got this email : Hi Jeremy, I am interested in advertising on your web page: [Credit Card Craziness][1]