September 2007

Nice Feel

Had a play with the iPod touch yesterday at the Apple Regent St Store, (none for sale there until Friday).

The Right Number

I do not use spreadsheets very often. I do not make graphs from data very often either.

Open Letter to TFL

Sent to the TFL contact page : I really like what you are doing with the Transport For London website.

All Busses Lead To Brixton

I just noticed that Transport For London have a nice public-transport route-planner widget generator, that allows you to build a widget to place in your webpage, hard-coded with your location, to allow visitors to plan a route to you.

See You In Rome ?

I am happy to say that my proposal for a talk at CocoonGT2007 in Rome, has been accepted !

And now the good news

My bank did the decent thing and paid me back for the money spent [fraudulently][2] on my debit card.

Insecure Sharing

Still trying to find a work-around for sharing calendars between multiple Macs, now that I have dropped .

Eastbourne Man Edits World-Famous Book

The (original) title of an article in a local Eastbourne newspaper, written by Howard and friends as a piss-take against all those in the town who never thought Dr.

My Books

Google added a personal book library feature. You can add books from Google Book Search to your own library, then publish it.

Touch ?

Nice iPod Touch I have never had an iPod, though maybe I will one day

Ripped Off

Someone has been spending my money using my debit card and it isn’t me.