November 2007

Deranged Voip Setup

Ahhhhh [VoIP][1], now there is a subject any self-respecting [Sudo Masochist][2] can spend long fruitless hours tinkering with !

Sudo Masochist

In a brainwave last night, I came up with a new pleasantly daft alter-identity.

OMG !!

I just received this : Dear Jeremy Quinn, Thank you for your session proposal(s) for ApacheCon 2008/EU.

Something Nice

At last, something nice to say about Leopard :) Server Apache/2.

Ambiguous URLs

(Oh dear, he is complaining again) Flickr have released a new section on their website called Places.

Leopard Peeves

So, I just [upgraded][1] one machine to Leopard …… here are my initial impressions.

Upgrading to Leopard

Ahhhh, my 100th post :) I upgraded my MacBook to Leopard last night, here’s what I did :

Free Stuff

I gave to a stranger today, it went really well.

Hello Tiger

I had to replace my home server’s [broken Ubuntu][1]. It is an ancient Mac Cube, so going back to MacOSX Tiger seemed like the easiest thing to do.