March 2018

The man speaks with a forked tongue

Facebook’s Zuckerberg admits mistakes over Cambridge Analytica - BBC News

Software Testing Job Candidates

When you apply for a software job, regardless of the experience you have or the jobs you can show you have successfully held down in the past, prospective employers often like to give you a software test.

Functional Teams

I read two extraordinarily good articles today, both completely different subjects but somehow they were synergistic for me :

This is even more insane than I thought!

69 since January??? This is even worse than I [thought][1]. How can anyone justify these figures or the reaction of politicians to this ongoing attrition?

Great collection of iOS blogs!

Many thanks to Dave Verwer who writes the iOS Dev weekly newsletter.

Brok Gnok

A lovely combination of textures, the soft gnochi with the broccoli still al dente.

End The Hate

Right on Sadiq! Mayor of London reads racist abuse - BBC News

Workflow to start a Jekyll post by sharing a URL

This is my second workflow for Jekyll, this one is a Share Action, this is an example of it in use:

Hello Workflow

This post was made by my first ( workflow on the iPad for generating a Jekyll blog post and adding it to my GIT repo using Working Copy.

301 — Blog Moved Permanently

This blog has moved to my own server from where it was hosted for years on jeremyquinn.