May 2019

Why them?

Conservative leadership: BBC to host TV debates The BBC will hold two televised debates with candidates vying to become the next prime minister.

The house has been on fire for a long time

An open letter to Extinction Rebellion Another truth is that for many, the bleakness is not something of “the future”.

Fake Politics

Tory leadership: Gove becomes eighth candidate to enter race National Zeros

National Heros

Led by Donkeys show their faces at last: ‘No one knew it was us’

Well done

Fleabag - Series 2: Episode 6 I just finished the series, carefully savoured.

Pure Corruption

Leave.EU founder confirms he funded Nigel Farage in year after referendum

Lovable Scamp?

Royal baby: Duke and Duchess of Sussex name son Archie

You misunderstood the message again

Local elections: The main parties have been punished The local election results are disappointing for both the Conservatives and for Labour, while the Liberal Democrats, Greens and independents prospered, writes Prof Sir John Curtice and colleagues on the BBC’s local elections team.

Fantastic quote about such a dysfunctional government

Gavin Williamson: Now he’s told to ‘go away and shut up’