I am moving from Demon to Luminas’s ISP so that it is easier for them to pay my online expenses (working from home and all that lot).

I have been with Demon from Year Zero, they have been very good. My Demon email addresses had become very visible, and I suffered from an enormous quantity of spam, I will not miss that ……. what worries me though is the possibility of loosing contacts from my occasional net-user friends, serendipitous contacts etc etc.

In the process, I have registered a new domain name for myself, which will be hosted on Luminas’s servers.

I cannot believe that in all of the years that I have been making my living online, that I have never registered a domain before!!!!! Anyway, BlackCatNetworks made it very simple and cheap …… and of course it helped that Andrew was online via iChat simultaneously setting everything up on the server.

So, here I come !!!!

So why fiveone ?
Its’s my birthday, 5th January.
I thought of registering a domain using my name, but all the good stuff was gone. I did not reckon Jeremy Quinn was such a common name, doh !!!

Andrew did not reckon using a nickname (Jerm) was very cool (and it was taken anyway !!!) so I decided to try a new tack.

So why .org ?

I was thinking of using .name etc. but no one thought that was a great idea. I never liked or .com, or etc.
So what does that leave?

New service should provide:

• Broadband Connection
• Do I get a static IP Address @ Home ?
• Do I have bandwith limits?
• Do I have port restrictions?
• Domain Name Hosting
• Which TLDs can I use?
• Web Server on Domain
• Servlet Engine
• Email Server on Domain
• Unlimited accounts
• Secondary MX ?
• Spam Filtering
• Shell access

• Choose Domain
• Register Domain
• Setup Server
• Test Setup
• Setup Broadband Connection
• Transfer Broadband connection from old ISP
• Alter records for home address
• Update email forwarding
• Cancel Demon Account, 1 month period of grace
• Notify everyone of the change
• Determine Mailing Lists that need registration changes
• De/Re-register with mailing lists
• Determine website re-registration due to Email Account changes
• Determine website re-registration due IP Address change
• Re-Register account changes on multiple websites
• Setup SSH Keys
• Remove old addresses from Thawte
• Setup new addresses with Thawte
• Setup SVN export scripts for HTTPD etc.
• Setup websites from media.demon on new server, working from svn