Free Jam

I am a .Mac member, I get the occasional email from them telling me what the latest thing is they are offering me to keep paying for the service (I pay for it because you get synchronisation of address books, bookmarks etc. between machines and an online backup service, plus I keep some photos there).

Their latest email was offering a free screen saver (a demo from a package) called Freefall which has satellite images of the planet ….. anyone of you who have been to my flat knows I am a sucker for maps etc. So I went along to download it.

To my astonishment, they are also appearing to give away (I am still downloading) free copies of GarageBand JamPacks, 1, 2 & 3.

Bejesus!! They charge good money for those ($99 each) in Apple Store !!!!

BTW. Have you ever played with GarageBand? It’s a larf :-)
I spent many enjoyable hours producing bizarre Indo/Irish fusions (and no, I am not going to publish them, don’t worry).

This morning I checked the downloads to find that I was duped, they are promotional version containing 100 out of 2000 loops each, oh well.