Smack Dot Mac

Dot Mac is broken AGAIN!!!!

iSync does not work.
Backup does not work.
Updating online calendars with iCal does not work.
iDisk may be working, I can’t tell, I am trying to copy a file over now, and it is not doing anything (I eventually got error -36).
The .Mac Support site is down.
.Mac help is down.

I can collect mail, I can log in to .Mac …… but that is about all.

It has been like this for the last couple of days

WTF am I paying for?

Last time I had to pay the update fee, I was astonished that in the UK I had to pay 23% more than people in the US.
When I wrote in to the Apple Dotmac Support forum to express my displeasure, my message was removed, and I got a snotty email from one of the moderators. You are not allowed to complain.

Considering one of the beneficial features of Tiger, the new MacOSX 10.4 expected this year, will be further integration with Dotmac, I feel Apple needs to get it’s house in order !!!!

I imagine Apple want to add more links between Tiger and Dotmac because it increases their revenue, but if the service is going to carry on being so unreliable, they are going to piss a lot of people off.

I think it is about time we reverse engineered Dotmac, so we can run those services on free platforms.

This is a rip off, Apple.


OK, I was wrong ……. it turned out to be caused by British Telecom’s ADSL infrastructure ……. see my next post.