Nosmo King


I am stopping smoking again.

I started planning this over a week ago. My cheap tobacco from Belgium, Romania and France was due to run out. I was not prepared to buy in the UK, the price is ludicrous.

As I get older the effect of smoking is getting stronger and stronger, I cannot bare it any longer, the toxicity.

I went to the doctor and asked for help. She prescribed some Nicotine Patches. I could not bare the thought of going cold turkey again, I have not tried the patches before.

The tobacco ran out on Sunday night.

My first day of no smoking for many years.

The patch itches.

My head is fuzzy.

I cannot concentrate.

I am very irritable.

I ache.

Everything stressing me out.

No coffee as it will really make me want to smoke, so I am sleepy as well.

No alcohol in the evening, that would do for me.

I made the day without smoking, it was horrible though.

Tuesday, my second day has been a bit easier.

I still get the pre-action image in my head, to reach out and roll a cigarette …… then the flush of disappointment.

One day at a time.

I can feel the difference in my lungs already.

Long way to go.