VoIP Fun

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Pier got me interested in exploring VoIP, over the course of supper one evening.

My ISP BeThere, not only supply ample bandwidth, but also a wireless ADSL2 router with a built-in SIP ATA.

I started off by getting an account with VoipFone, they seemed to have a good balance of services and price. Not the cheapest calling rates, but no monthly fees and lots of services like voicemail and a virtual PBX etc. I setup the router with the account information, plugged in a normal phone and it all works!

I can make and receive calls via the old phone line and my new VoIP numbers.

Great start!!

I then wrote a little AppleScript plugin for AddressBook.app that gets it to dial a number via VoIP by requesting a URL on my router, which then rings my phone and puts me through, cool ;)

Next I started thinking …… what else do I want this to do, apart from give me cheap phone calls?

My wish list includes :

. . . to be continued . . .