Heard a faint Quack !!

I thought …. if I am ever going to get out of my Ubuntu non-booting mess, I am probably going to have to re-install, maybe Breezy …. so I should try to backup my configurations.

I installed a filesystem extension for ext2 for MacOSX, started the Cube in Target Disk Mode, plugged the firewire from the Cube to my iMac running MacOSX and tried using the extension to mount the Cube’s Linux partition.

Interesting, it said it could not mount because of disk corruption, and suggested I use DiskUtility.app to fix it (I was astonished!!).

Anyway, it tried to fix it, said it had failed, but the disk mounted …… I copied my config files and thought …. I wonder if it will boot now?

Well …. it did !!!!

So now I have a working machine again ….. but is it going to be reliable ?