Trying Ubuntu

Two blog entries in one day !!!! My readers are going to flip !!!

I have a gorgeous old Mac Cube, it was not doing much …..
A recent upgrade to QuickTime crashed half way though, trashing the hard disk, bummer !

A dear friend and Über Geek had recommended I run Linux here (I plan to to setup Asterisk to run a Voip PBX) so I decided to take the plunge and install Ubuntu.

It went really smoothly, Grandma could have done it.

Basically you download an ISO of the install CD, burn it with something like FireStarter FX, stick the CD in the Cube, reboot holding down the ‘C’ key and in a few minutes you are up and running.

If you like what you see, there is an installer on the CD to put this on your boot drive.

Within a short time, I had Apache 2, mod_dav_svn, mod_ssl and mod_dnssd configured and running providing me with a secure, versioning webDav file repository, mountable in the MacOSX Finder and accessible from SVN clients, with the added bonus of everything accessible via Bunjour (ZeroConf).

I would say that this rocks !!!

As a desktop platform, it is not even close to MacOSX 10.0 for many reasons, but the ease of setup and update of server processes is far superior. My guess is Ubuntu will go far!!!!