WWDC 2006 - First thoughts

Time Machine - Please Deity, let it be based on a standard Subversion repository …. and btw. how does it work with other apps than the ones that were demo’d?
Mail - Stop adding stuff like pretty templates to it and make it more reliable please. RSS in my in-box, mmmmmm (not).
Spotlight - Across networks, great, but does it let you type into the search box yet, without being interrupted by the search?
iCal - Calendaring API … good, we will get more integrated apps from 3rd parties ….
CalDAV - Lovely but can I do this cross-platform?
MacPro - I’d love one, but only X2 ? So, four Intel core are only twice as fast as two G5 cores?
Dashcode - If I can use the tools outside of a widget context, then great ! Does this mean Safari also gets a debugger ? Drosera ?
Alex - still pronounces ‘Apple’ like Steven Hawkins.
Core Animation - Yummy …… where’s the apps …… we have seen so little for the other Cores ……
iChat - Tabbing looks useful. Hopefully the screen sharing is based on VNC. Maybe all this new stuff will work with Jabber/GoogleTalk one of these days?

Missing :
MacBookPro - No upgrade to Merom? That will disappoint some friends …..
iMac - No upgrade to Conroe? That will disappoint me!
iChat-Voip - Was heavily rumoured … in a way I am glad they did not add it, they would likely have screwed it up by tying it into .Mac or something …….
Metal - YES !!!! There seems to be less brushed metal, I hated it !!

Maybe I am getting bitter in my Mac old age ….. but I hope that underneath all of the razmataz of the “family features” of MacOSX Leopard, that Apple have improved on the stability, reliability, responsiveness of Tiger, resolved some of the many bugs (the Finder being the biggest).

Funny how I setup a versioning filesystem on Ubuntu, it dies, then Time Machine is announced :-/