Talking at the Cocoon GT

I am lucky enough to have been invited to give a talk at this year’s Cocoon GT.

I am giving the talk in collaboration with Ross McDonald, Senior Architect of European Application Development for VNU.

We are talking about LDAP and Cocoon.

Here is the rough outline :

Real life, down-to-earth Cocoon and LDAP :

beginner level

  • what is LDAP?
  • why and when to use LDAP?
  • why might LDAP, and integration with Cocoon be perceived as difficult?
  • the setup and use of LDAP
  • some useful LDAP tools
  • a real world demo, hooking up to Mail clients
  • the setup and use of Cocoon’s LDAPEntryManager

intermediate level

  • how to use the LDAP component from your own code
  • empowering developers/designers to build LDAP applications
  • a real world demo, hooking up to a web application
  • some tips and tricks for large scale LDAP instances
  • questions session

I will post links to the slides etc when they are done :-)

Hope to see you there …..