Thai Coup Fiasco

Reading up on reactions to the coup, it sounds a bit like Venezuela ….. a split between working and middle classes.

Lots of varied comments from Thais on the BBC News website, with many saying that they may not have liked PM Thaksin anymore, but resorting to a military coup was a big step backwards in a developing democracy.

Since he was making reforms popular with the poor, one wonders if outsiders were involved.

Tony Blair is now rather unpopular in the UK, should the British Army rise up and rid us of him, with the support of the Queen? (Umm, no thanks!!)
Hey !! Who needs to wait for the next election, eh?.

If members of a professional army have to be trained to kill and follow orders, they should equally be trained to have a deep aversion to this kind of behaviour. In my humble opinion, of course :-)