New Model

I have recently been working on upgrading Apache Cocoon’s powerful CForms Framework, from using Dojo 0.3.1 to Dojo 0.4.1.
The work went really well and I really enjoyed it.

What was really cool for me about this, was how my time was paid for.

Over the last few months, I have been approached by several companies that rely on Cocoon for their work.
They had specific issues with CForms, additions they wanted, changes they wanted etc. Furthermore they were willing to pay me to do work that would go directly into the public domain, benefitting not only those companies but everyone who uses Cocoon.

These guys have really got the point of Open Source !!

I’ve been self-employed for most of my working life.
For the last 10 years or so I have made my living as a free-lance software developer, in many different ways :
Taking on whole or parts of projects directly for clients.
Sub-contracting whole or parts of projects for companies who are servicing their own clients but don’t have all of the skill they need inhouse.
Providing advice, consultancy, support, training etc.
Writing technical proposals, documentation, audits on best practises.
I have even taken on a few “Bug Bounties” :-)

Sometimes bugfixes or small additions to Cocoon result from these projects but generally these activies all result in deliverables to a client, who then has exclusive rights to them.

Being paid to work directly in the public domain is a new working model for me.

I think I did good work. I think the companies got their money’s worth and I know I found it really satisfying.

I would love more work like this !! :-)

There is a lot more to do on cforms but temporarily my funding has dried up.

If you rely on Cocoon for your work, if you’d like to see any of these changes but do not have the time to do it yourself, lets talk !!

Before writing this post, I discussed the topic with a few Apache people. Bertrand gave me this really interesting link.

ABSTRACT: We introduce the Street Performer Protocol, an electronic-commerce mechanism to facilitate the private financing of public works. Using this protocol, people would place donations in escrow, to be released to an author in the event that the promised work is put in the public domain. This protocol has the potential to fund alternative or “marginal” works.

Food for thought.