Credit Card Craziness

I have a credit card through my bank, Nationwide.
I recently forgot to make the monthly repayment on the card.

I started receiving phone calls from an automated IVR system, to my mobile and my home phone, every few hours, asking me to enter personal information. I declined to accept the opportunity to provide my details to a possible phishing scam.

I reported the issue to the bank, via their online secure message system. An hour later I logged in again to see if I had a reply. The original message had mysteriously been deleted.

Curiouser and curiouser.

I finally managed to get through to the Credit Card department and confirm that it was actually them calling me.

They really expected me to respond to a cold call from an automated system by typing sensitive account details into my mobile? This is such a bad idea !!!! It opens up a whole new phishing vector.

Nationwide ‘lost’ account details of 1000’s of their customers recently, in the light of the current onslaught of bank phishing scams, whoever proposed contacting customers in this way must be mad!!

BTW. If you do manage to break into my bank account, could you pay off my overdraft please : )