Aperture & Google Earth

You have photos in Aperture that have GeoTags in their EXIF data and you’d like to view these locations in Google Earth?

Here is an AppleScript to do it :

    on run  
      tell application "Aperture"  
        set theSelection to selection  
        set theImage to item 1 of theSelection -- get the first selected image  
        try -- there might not be geotags in the photo  
          set lat to value of EXIF tag "Latitude" of theImage -- get the latitude  
          set lon to value of EXIF tag "Longitude" of theImage -- get the longitude  
          tell application "System Events" -- find out if Google Earth is running  
            set isRunningGE to (name of processes) contains "Google Earth"  
          end tell  
          if isRunningGE then -- only do this if GE is running, it is such a hog at startup  
            tell application "Google Earth" -- switch to Google Earth  
              activate -- bring Google Earth to the front  
              set viewInfo to GetViewInfo -- get the current view  
              set latitude of viewInfo to lat -- set the new latitude and longitude  
              set longitude of viewInfo to -lon -- bug in Aperture 1.5.n, reverses the Longitude  
              SetViewInfo viewInfo -- go to the new view  
            end tell  
           display dialog "Launch Google Earth first please" with title "Show on Google Earth" buttons {"OK"} with icon stop  
         end if  
       end try  
      end tell  
    end run  

Save this as a script called “Show on Google Earth” in ~/Library/Scripts.
Enable the Scripts Menu (if necessary) using /Applications/AppleScript/AppleScript Utility.app.
Select a photo (with Lat/Lon) in Aperture.
Select the script from the Scripts Menu.

Google Earth needs to be launched first.