Nice Feel

Had a play with the iPod touch yesterday at the Apple Regent St Store, (none for sale there until Friday).

Gosh !! It’s really nice !!

Has a great feel to the device, really smooth operation.
One thing I found strange was the scrolling, I kept scrolling the wrong way !!
On a Mac, you scroll down by dragging the scroll bar down, on a touch, you scroll down by grabbing the content and dragging it up, it kept catching me out.

That home screen looks horribly empty though ……. there is a lot of missing functionality, it’s weird that Apple would hamstring it in such a way. And it’s looking like cracking the touch is proving a lot more difficult than the iPhone.

I saw two announcements for applications that really interested me :

Elgato’s new version of EyeTV will stream video to the iPhone/iPod touch, it sets up a little streaming server on your Mac, you access it via MobileSafari. Watch your stuff wherever you can get a net connection, without filling up the device :)

Alloysoft has an application called Signal, another little server running on your Mac, which provides a web interface to MobileSafari to act as a remote control to iTunes on that machine. Looks like the only thing you can’t do with it is switch the AirTunes speakers the mac plays to. This is pretty close to one of the items on my wishlist.

All very cool IMHO.