See You In Rome ?

I am happy to say that my proposal for a talk at CocoonGT2007 in Rome, has been accepted !!

Here is the outline for the talk :

Break My Site – Practical Stress Testing and Tuning of Cocoon Applications

It is best to know before you go live, whether your new site will stand up to the traffic you expect it to receive. There is only so much you can tell about the speed and capacity of a web project from browsing it by hand. This talk offers practical advice, garnered from real-life experience about how to measure and tune the performance of Cocoon applications, using free tools like JMeter, the Open Source load-tester from Apache.

The talk will cover, planning your tests, setting up the tools, advise on what data to capture, how to interpret it and some of the possibilities for tuning your project.

It will help you answer questions like :

How many users will it take to break my site ?
How can I handle more users, faster ?
How reliable will my site be ?
How can I measure the effect of my changes during development ?
How do I compare different implementations of the same functionality ?
How do I determine the right size for my server infrastructure ?

Many thanks to the GT team!!

The program looks very interesting as usual, here is the complete programme.