Thin Air


I don’t know about you, but I found this year’s keynote by Steve Jobs a bit thin on the ground.

I don’t have a big movie-rental habit and they won’t be coming to the UK for a long time, I guess ….. also I expect we’ll pay a Rip-off Britain surcharge anyway …..

The MacBook Air is obviously gorgeous and looks like a really stunning bit of engineering, but I would have to think long and hard ….. I am not sure I would want to be without FireWire or Ethernet (though they are offering a USB/Ethernet adaptor).

I did think building demonstration videos into System Preferences for multi-touch gestures was a total hoot :-)

Remote-Disk sounds jolly clever. I did not hear whether is allows you to install a new System using it though.

My initial reaction to Time-Capsule is that it is a bit of a joke, why not just fix Time-Machine backups to AirPort-Disk?

I am sure that the improvements to the iPhone and iPod touch are welcome by people who have not jailbroken theirs yet, but for me, I could not see anything that I cannot already do …… albeit differently on my jailbroken iPod touch.

I will wait for the release of the iPhone SDK, and see what it brings, before I un-jailbreak and update the OS on mine. Even with Apple’s additions, there are still compelling 3rd party apps on mine, that I would not want to loose.

Charging for the applications they left out of the iPod touch is bizarre IMHO, I bet we see a refund in a few weeks ;-) Now they are putting back the bits missing from the iPod touch, maybe they will put back the bits missing from Leopard :-)

I find it very difficult to believe their WIFI-location technology would actually work, specially outside urban America. It sounds bloody clever, but I have a GPS ….. I’d rather have a GPS module …..

So, WTF happened to “Just one more thing”?