The Sound of the Lambs


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It’s that time of year again.

Some of my family have small farms, if I write to any of them around now, I get replies like “Sorry I did not reply earlier, we are lambing”.

Lambing Season, for all you city folk, is the time of year when hill farmers are most busy, all of their sheep give birth at pretty much the same time and some need a lot of help. Everyone has to work day and night for weeks on end. It is a time of high mortality requiring very close attention. The vets are too busy, so you usually have to rely heavily on your own skills.

I remember as a kid, there were always a few orphan lambs. We would hand rear them, which is a lovely thing to do, small lambs being absolutely gorgeous creatures.

We’d give the orphans names like “Lamb Chop” and “Mint Sauce”, so that as children we would remember that they were destined for the deep freeze.

I have been a vegetarian for nearly 30 years now, but I still remember our lamb as being the best meat I ever ate.

Look out for organic British lamb later in the year, who knows you might be eating one of ours :)