All Change


Yesterday I was out in a tee-shirt and light jacket, and overheating, taking photos of a fire in Brixton.

Today there is 50mm of snow on the roof.

Wacky weather !

Tomorrow I am off to Amsterdam for ApacheCon. Taking the EuroStar to Brussels and the Thalys to Amsterdam. I just hope it is not the “wrong type of snow”.

I have recently been investing in improving my flat’s energy use. A new hyper-efficient central heating boiler, an extra 300mm of loft insulation and replaced all filament light-bulbs with high-efficiency LEDs (and a few compact fluorescents).

My energy bills are already noticeably down, my flat is light, snug, warm and nice to see ……. unlike my neighbour, the snow on my roof is not melting yet :-)

Next project: replace the 20 year old heath-robinson MagnaTherm magnetic stick on plastic secondary glazing with built-in units.

Suppliers : The boiler is off the shelf from Vaillant. What amazed me about these new condensing boilers is that the flue gas is barely warm, the flue is POLYTHENE!!!! Some of the LEDs are from, they have some great products, but they have real supply problems and they really messed me about recently …..