ApacheCon 2008

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I’ll be heading off on the train to my first ApacheCon in a few days. I am honoured to be giving a talk on the Wednesday, please come along.

I am looking forward to several things …..

Being in Amsterdam : ) Seeing old friends. Putting faces to the many Apache peeps whose names I know, but have never met. Asking lots of dumb questions to whoever Cocoon devs I meet, who know CForms.

Talking of CForms (it’s the cool forms framework in Apache Cocoon) I am currently working on upgrading it to use Dojo 1.1. I just got Repeaters working with Dojo’s new Drag & Drop API. It is very pretty, you now get an avatar of your dragged rows, optional drag handles etc. Next I am looking into changing the way the CForms backend processes repeater events, so that it can handle stuff like : dragging more than one row at a time, row cloning, clone or copy between Repeaters etc. etc..

I am really enjoying the work. It’s like doing a year’s worth of 20% time in one go (no, I am not employed by Google, but that does not stop me making time for non-commercial research).

Look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.