ApacheCon Euro 2008 is over and I am home, no delays this time.

This was my first ApacheCon, I really enjoyed myself. Many thanks to the sponsors and organisers for a great event.

I went to very few talks, there are a few I regret missing now, but the opportunity to hack was so great. I am in the middle of upgrading Cocoon CForms to use Dojo 1.1, so having access to several other Cocoon comitters proved very useful. Many thanks to those of you who gave me your time, especially Grzegorz Kossakowski who spent several hours helping me with Cocoon 2.2.

I had some useful business discussions that I hope will lead somewhere.

My talk seemed to go OK. No one obviously walked out during it, no heckling, there were some questions at the end, with easy answers (Yes, No, I don’t know) and several people approached me over the next couple of days to discuss it further.

Many thanks to Lars Eilebrecht for introducing my talk and getting it together when the wireless mike ran out of batteries : )

I suppose my main regret was not meeting more of the Apache people whose names I have known for a long time.