Euro * Bad


Beware booking Eurostar tickets at the moment. The channel tunnel suffered a bad fire a few weeks ago, but Eurostar are acting as if nothing happened.

I am off to Paris next week, to help some friends setup an exhibition of the work of Australian artist Tim Maguire

As usual, I booked tickets via

They take you through the whole process, book your tickets (I book mine based on arrival time), choose my seat (so I have a power socket), make my payment etc. etc.

Then, after I have completed my non-refundable, un-alterable ticket, they say that the timetable is completely irrelevant due to the fire and my train may or may not leave at the allotted time, that for sure it will take at least an hour longer than planned.

WTF do they think they are doing!?!?!

OK so the fire was not their fault, they are obviously struggling to cope with it, but to sell something they know they cannot provide with no warning up front, this is unbelievable!!!

This feels like fraud, like selling under false pretenses, like totally shoddy and incompetent behaviour!

BAD Eurostar!!!!