Tax Hell


Filling in my tax form again.

Ugh! They have changed the form so much this year, it is almost impossible to check for errors against previous years!

Why Oh Why every year am I stuck in this position where :

  1. I am sure something is wrong with the calculation, my tax looks too high
  2. The help pages I need are blank
  3. The help pages I can find, I cannot understand
  4. It is impossible to get through to the help line
  5. I have to meet the deadline

UK Inland Revenue have this despiteful scheme whereby they charge you this year for some estimate of next year’s tax, then make you manually enter the figure for last year in this year’s return. Not only is the whole concept heinous, but it is a source of unnecessary error, why make me enter a figure they could supply. I think I have fallen foul of this field before and paid too much tax. 

It is a RIP OFF, and what’s bugging me now is I cannot work out how or where (or even what) this figure is and where it should be entered.

I do not feel that I am being offered “Public Service”.

And to whoever is in charge of the design of this annual joy of a web application: may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits!