Radio Uncompromising

I used to listen to the John Peel show.
Unfortunately he died a while ago, I still miss him.

Most of you have probably never heard of him, but I listened to his show for something like 30 years, I managed to record the last few years of his show and still enjoy listening to them.

Apart from being an incredibly nice guy, he was considered by some the most influential DJ in the history of the BBC.

He would play whatever he liked, which included a lot of stuff that would never otherwise get a chance to get on the radio, always surprising, always eclectic.

I recently found a kind of substitute, a radio show that streams over the net called Dandelion Radio. “The Internet Radio Station Inspired by John Peel. Independent. Original. Uncompromising”.

I use this stream URL in iTunes.

The same with John’s shows, I cannot say I like everything that is played, some of it is pretty challenging, but if you have as deranged and confused a taste as me and you crave your “new music hit”, maybe you’ll like it, give it a go!!