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I just had this hint posted on

On my last project, I was collaborating with people in the States via iChat, using audio, video screen and document sharing. We had such wide-ranging and complex discussions, I kept wishing I could record them.

Ironically, it was not until after the work ended that I found the iChat / Video / Record menu item (aarrgghh!!).

Well anyway, I thought it would be useful to automate the recording feature and wrote the script featured in MacOSX Hints.

You can attach this script to specific buddies, or to everyone. When an AV Chat starts, recording is automatically started ….. well actually the other party is first asked if they mind and can choose to reject the request.

It seems that only the person who initiates, records, so if both parties want a recording they both have to start it.

Many thanks to Ross and Dave for help testing :-)