Where I’d like to live

I hear people around here saying house prices in Brixton will boom in the next few years as (The Council expects) the area to become the next Notting Hill.

Maybe that would be a good time to sell up and move?

I have lived in Brixton since the late 70’s, the place I grew to love has already changed beyond recognition.

So, where do I want to live?

  • no more than 10 minutes walk from the sea
  • but at least 30m above sea-level (thats not a flood plain)
  • within 5 minutes walk of the shops
  • in easy reach of a public swimming pool
  • in a place I don’t need to have a car
  • good public transport
  • at least semi-rural
  • in a building that is efficient enough not to need heating
  • with a workshop
  • with very fast broadband
  • where I can play loud music
  • where there is good cultural diversity
  • with a good local pub
  • and a few nice restaurants

Where am I going to find this combination? Am I asking too much?

I have most of these already, apart from the efficient building and rural/coastal location.

I had better start looking …