Beta Testing started


I delivered the first distribution build, of my first iPhone App to my first beta tester today!!

I am really enjoying this platform, though some of the learning curve has been pretty tough.

Obviously coming direct from Java, Javascript, etc., the biggest headache is memory management, in Objective-C on iOS you have to do it manually. The last time I had to worry about stuff like that was when I used to program in 6502 Assembly back in the 1980’s!

There will be new issues to deal with I am sure.

I used to be a designer before I became a programmer, so I feel very comfortable with developing for this platform, the various skill complementing each other.

So what is my business plan?

Well at the moment, I do not expect to make money selling my own apps on the AppStore, it is just too crowded, I don’t expect to be able to invest enough in marketing etc.

What I do hope is that once I have my own apps in the store, they will help me find contract work.

Fingers crossed.