I finally moved house today!! So happy!!

I lived in that flat for over 30 years, enough!

In that time, the street turned from a rundown artist/squatter community in a part of town no one wanted to live, to the most desirable flats in a recently gentrified area. The value increased by 4000%! It was bought by a young gentleman in fintec.

In it’s place, I bought a lovely 1960’s ex-Council house with 3 floors, a garage and a garden, needing a lot of work, only a few hundred meters further out of the centre.

The seller moved to Kent to be near her family, she saw a 1200% increase in value since she bought it off the Council in the mid 80’s.

Buying and selling your home is as difficult as they all say. Took me over 9 months, the sale even survived Brexit, which astonished me!

My movers were brilliant and a few friends helped as well.

Thank You!!