Building Site

My home is no longer a building site!

Over the last few days, I have been unpacking boxes stored since August 2016, when I moved.

Not books yet but clothes!!! I have been living out of cardboard boxes all of this time.

  • replaced the central heating
  • replaced the roof and added a skylight
  • replaced the windows on the 1st and 2nd floors
  • structural repairs
  • installed new plumbing, mains wiring, network and AV
  • re-pastered
  • new flooring
  • replaced and expanded the bathroom
  • new kitchen
  • added loads of insulation
  • used gallons of paint stripper and more of paint
  • cleared the garden, chopped down a tree and built a terrace

I did most of the work myself but hired a few specialist contractors, two were seriously bad, the rest were utterly fantastic.

Now I need to find work again!

Then I can afford to do the ground floor 🤞