Genital Mutilation

Well, this has got to be the most deeply personal and explicit subject I have written about on this blog. I am still quite angry about this subject (can you tell?).

I have been waiting for this day. This horrific act was thankfully recognised as a crime against women and girls many years ago, finally as reported by the BBC a brave MP in Iceland is attempting to make male genital mutilation a crime as well.

There is a polite term, circumcision. Makes it sound so much nicer.

My penis was mutilated when I was a baby by the NHS, it was not even in the name of some fucking religion, merely the medical fashion at the time I was born.

I believe this has damaged my life.

Men have survived with foreskins for very many more generations than any religion or medical system that demands their removal has existed. Yet offending religious sensibilities is the main reason people are worried about a possible ban.

We are learning gradually to fight back against repressive religious traditions, long may this continue.