I am the Nosmo King!

My new Jekyll-based website plus blog has been up for over a fortnight. I have a list of bugs to resolve in it, filling a sheet of A4 but I have not wanted to touch any of it!

The reason why?

I quit smoking!!

I am avoiding all behaviour that was tied in any way to the most destructive habit of my life. (Using a computer at home was definitely one of them! I am writing this in WorkingCopy on the iPad where for me, the connection is absent.)

The cravings are almost gone, my sleep is returning to normal but evenings still drag.

I stopped cold. Nicotine replacement does not work for me, it just leaves me dissatisfied, still addicted and vulnerable to restarting. I found e-cigarettes disgusting and patches just left a nasty rash, etc., etc.

I have quit, then restarted so many times before. I really need to be psyched up for it to work.

In the past, there was always some element of reluctance, some tiny bit of regret that the addiction could get leverage on, leading me back to smoking as soon as the novelty of feeling better wore off.

I have changed. This time as far as I can tell, no such doubts exist.

Only time will tell.

Wish me luck.