301 — Blog Moved Permanently

This blog has moved to my own server from where it was hosted for years on jeremyquinn.blogspot.com.

This is where I will be adding new articles, I will eventually take the old site down.

The new blog location is https://fiveone.org/blog/.

The old blog had a feed hosted by feedburner that aggregated my flickr photos with my blog posts. I was unable to edit the old configuration, so had to create a new feed. The new address to subscribe to is http://feeds.feedburner.com/Fiveoneorg.

I will be updating DNS in a few days to map blog.fiveone.org to here. URL redirection is already tested, old article URLs should map into the new site with a 301 response 🤞.

The site is hosted in our data centre, under the stairs at FiveOne.Org’s new headquarters in South London. The site is built using the wonderful Jekyll, using a git commit hook.

Thank you for coming.