This is even more insane than I thought!

69 since January???

This is even worse than I thought. How can anyone justify these figures or the reaction of politicians to this ongoing attrition?

Does the freedom to live not trump the freedom to possess guns?

Florida shooting: Survivors reject the arming of teachers - BBC News

So far there have been 69 people killed or injured in school shootings since January, according to the Education Week tracker.

There have been two more firearm incidents in schools since the attack in Parkland.

The most recent, in California this week, saw injuries to three students caused by an accident during a gun safety lesson.

Accident during gun safety lesson, yeah right, arms in the classroom are supposed to be a good idea? Who’s providing this tuition? This would be a sensible reason to reject the arming of teachers!

The kids who are demonstrating against this are America’s best chance of sanity, IMHO, listen to them!