Workflow to start a Jekyll post by sharing a URL


This is my second workflow for Jekyll, this one is a Share Action, this is an example of it in use:

Markdown: Syntax

Note: This document is itself written using Markdown; you can see the source for it by adding ‘.text’ to the URL. Overview Markdown is intended to be as easy-to-read and easy-to-write as is feasible.

You can use it to start a Jekyll blog post on a GIT repo managed by Working Copy, from a web page in Safari or any app that shares a URL. Above, you can see that I shared the URL to John Gruber’s Markdown documentation.

The workflow loads the URL of the page you share, extracts the title and an excerpt, then makes a new file in your repo with the title and tags you provide, adding the extracted content as a link and blockquote.

You are then free to write about the URL in Working Copy’s Markdown editor or share again, editing in a supported external editor like Textastic.

Here is the workflow.


Here is a new version that takes a different approach.

This one will quote the text you had selected in the browser before triggering the share action or quote an excerpt if there was no selection.

However it only works in Safari or system web views.

2018-03-19 Updated again to improve multi-line quote handling.