Remember the riots

London violence: Mayor urges ‘targeted’ stop and search - BBC News

Police officers should be “confident” to stop and search someone they suspect of carrying an offensive weapon, London’s mayor has told the BBC. Sadiq Khan backed the use of “targeted” stop-and-search in the capital, after six people were killed in shootings and stabbings in the past seven days.

All of these deaths and injuries among the young of London is terrible.

But remember the Brixton riots!

They were caused when the area was flooded with 100’s of police from outside the borough, using heavy handed Stop & Search tactics.

Most police are out of their depth in poor, racially mixed areas like this, resentful to be there, apprehensive, unable to understand what’s going on around them.

As a result they were seen as disrespectful and racist by the locals. They definitely made a bad situation much worse.

Policing can only be conducted by consent. For that to happen there must be mutual respect.

Even though you mean well Mr. Khan, beware … done poorly, this action could lead to even more problems.

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