Trouble at the Home Office

Following up on the Windrush Scandal demonstration, I have been collecting articles about issues I hoped would be revealed (well done BBC).

The first one is about how appalling it is for the low-level workers at the Home Office who are having to apply the poorly thought-out supposedly non-targets (the ones the previous Home Secretary thought she was protected from by plausible deniability).

Considering how happy the Civil Servants’ Union was to decry this all after the news came out, I wonder why they did not whistle-blow about this a long time ago. Protecting their members is one of their jobs, right?

The next one is evidence that we are not the only ones who think this behaviour by government is racist, the UN thinks so too. I remember lots of my friends in Brixton being worried about the apparent normalisation of racist attitudes after the Brexit vote.

Here is one more toxic than even I expected, the police are referring migrant victims of crime to the Border Agency instead of defending them, because it is easier.

This is building up to a worryingly deep picture of what modern-day institutional racism looks like.

We now have the first British-Asian Minister and British Afro-Caribbean Shadow Minister of the Home Office, will these two be able to get to the root of the problem, or should the Home Office be broken up into more manageable units? (Though commentators all tend to say Javid is a reactionary **** whose appointment fools nobody).