Au revoir Boris


Boris Johnson tells PM she is suffocating Brexit ‘dream’

PM: “We do not agree about the best way of delivering our shared commitment to honour the result of the referendum” Boris Johnson has launched a scathing attack on Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, saying the “dream is dying, suffocated by needless self-doubt”.

Any day that a politician like Boris Johnson resigns has got to be a good one, he and his class are suffocating Britain.

We do not need such egotistical people performing important roles in government.

We are so dis-served by people who only get involved because they want to leave the stamp of their own ideology indelibly marked on the country.

People who adapt their ideology to whatever will give them more power (remember he changed sides because he thought he’d be Prime Minister?), what a Prick.

We were already sick of him as London’s leader, shame he had to wait until he had done as much damage as possible as foreign secretary, at one of the most difficult junctures this country faces, as in Britain “used to be a nation providing leadership to the world - now, it can’t even provide leadership to itself”, Carl Bildt (former Swedish PM).

Fuck Industry

Really Boris? Do you really think that serves us all, or is that just your ignorance or maybe the view of your elite?

We revile you Boris. Fuck off you upper class twit.

So what happens now?

The already shattered Conservative Party is about to implode.

The schizophrenic Labour Party would implode if asked to take over.

Face up to it, Brexit was not a dream, it was Magical Thinking.

Realise this before we destroy the country. Grasp the EU by the balls and shake some sense into it, they need us to do so.

May you live in interesting times because Johnson is replaced by another industry lover, the hero of the reform of the National Health Service, the almost uniformly respected (I jest) Jeremy Hunt, they do love scraping that barrel.