Donald The First, Emperor Of America

Trump sides with Russia against FBI at Helsinki summit

Senior Republican Senator John McCain said it was a “disgraceful performance” by a US president. “No prior president has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant”

I may be extrapolating somewhat but the more this behaviour continues, the more it becomes difficult not to assume the worst.

Either he is very gullible and with only translators in the room, is easily manipulated. Kim Jong-un and Putin seem able to do this. (Some people say he believes the last thing anybody said to him.)

Or (and which is worse?) he has done personal deals with them.

Or is being blackmailed (weaken NATO for us or we will send the photos to Ivanka).

When I hear some of the statements he made recently, turning reality on its head with a clever twist, my instinct was, that was not Donald, that was not the State Department, that was his FSB handlers.

And I am not the only one and there is more there …

Donald clearly admires these two gangster biznizmen, (wait for him friending Erdogan …). He seeks to undermine the institutions in his own country, to undermine democrats in his former allies countries. Donald’s new friends are the tyrants, his new enemies are the heroes.

He is learning from the best - how to become an apparently ‘democratically elected’ dictator.

This is the new normal.

All hail Emperor Donald I of America, founder of a dynasty that makes the Kennedy’s look like amateurs.

Goodbye a couple of generations of progress.