Polished Turd — This may the first time I agree with the Brexiteers


Brexit: Michael Gove urges Tories to back Theresa May’s plan

Michael Gove has urged Tory MPs to back a compromise Brexit plan as the best chance of a “proper” exit from the EU. He told the BBC it was not all he hoped for, but said he was a “realist” and dismissed claims it would leave the UK as a “vassal state”.

As my readers may already know, I am against leaving the EU, even though I recognise it’s faults fully, thank you very much.

The appalling compromise conjured by the minority middle of the Conservative Party is probably the worst possible outcome, short of no agreement.

It is indeed the polished turd that the eminent Boris so eloquently and expensively puts it.

Where I disagree with the ideological Brexiteers is that is was ever going to be possible to come up with a sensible way to leave the EU while retaining a functional economy, industrial base, actual country, etc.

The complexity is way beyond any mediocre government this country is able to raise at the moment and was clearly way beyond the electorate.

I never trusted the Brexit politicians’ position, I reckon most of them found some way to profit from the disengagement personally, shorting the Pound, deals with Russia, whatever, we have seen it all before, it’s the new normal.

We all know by now that Gove is an untrustworthy, magical-thinking, populist, nationalist. This statement that the proposed agreement would not leave the UK as a vassal state (proper received Etonian language there) is just spin, on spin on spin, recurring.

I fully expect the negotiators on the EU side to say:

What part of No Fucking Cherry Picking did you not understand?

Just so you understand, when the EU say something like this and the Conservative Party use that as an excuse for walking away with no agreement, it is all because we were lied to during the referendum.