He keeps getting himself in deeper

The Day Donald Trump Told Us There Was Attempted Collusion with Russia

Was this a case of successful or only attempted collusion? Is attempted collusion a crime? What legal and moral responsibilities did the President and his team have when they realized that the proposed collusion was underway when the D.N.C. e-mails were leaked and published? And, crucially, what did the President know before the election, after it, and when he instructed his son to lie?

Tweet by Tweet, he provides a little bit more rope to hang himself.

Arrogance, possibly? Stupidity? I doubt it. It’s all part of his own myth about himself, some kind of crusader against the Washington establishment, that he is somehow doing the American people a favour.

It’s like a race between the Trump Administration and the rest of the American Government … who can bring the other down first?

Will the FBI be destroyed first by Post-Denialism or Trump by slow but steady Law Enforcement agencies?