The problem is his overwhelming sense of entitlement

Boris Johnson ‘won’t apologise’ for burka comments - BBC News

Well done Boris, you have done it again.

This time is is sinister, he is going for the low hanging fruit of the proudly racist side of the Conservative Party.

With a racist Conservative Party and an anti Semitic Labour Party, we are in a real mess in this country. Neither of them strong enough to negotiate their way out of a wet paper bag …

Boris is trying to line himself up again as the future leader. He does not care what easy targets he picks on, he just wants to be noticed, even if it is just by the xenophobes and bigots, his comfort zone? It’s pathetic really.

He said he felt “fully entitled”

And this is the core of the problem. His class does feel fully justified and fully entitled to behave the way they do, to be our leaders.

The Eton Suit: The Crowning Achievement in Pre-Pubescent Power

Would it even cross his mind that most people in Britain seeing him in his old Eton School boys uniform of tail coat and top hat, would think he looked “utterly ridiculous”?