Understanding the shift to the dark side

Unite the Right 2018: The psychology of the alt-right - Vox

When we’re thinking about current events, our thinking should be grounded in evidence rather than intuition

A vanishingly small sample but a beginning at least.

How to understand otherwise seemingly intelligent individuals becoming rabid racist feckwits and appearing justified in their de-humanistic bigotry.

If we don’t understand, we can’t fight back.

Fight the fuckers with science, it’s our big advantage.

TLTR? These white male bullies are scared.

The BBC usefully adds this : Charlottesville remembered: ‘A battle for the soul of America’

The Nazis and Confederates started coming out of the woodwork

It sounds like some kind of fantasy horror, “The Revenants of Charlottesville”.

A black man, a local doctor, treating white men covered in swastika tattoos, thinking this is why I got into this profession …