The New York Times’s Impossible Decision

The Anonymous New York Times Op-Ed and the Trumpian Corruption of Language and the Media - The New Yorker

A lack of transparency in government is a constitutional crisis in the making, not an unrecognized feat of heroism.

A great critique of the New York Times’s Op-Ed, by The New Yorker (who else would be worthy).

While I am very interested to read what that person said, they have gone about their resistance the wrong way and may even be the coward that Trump claims they are. (But no one I care about gives a flying fuck about way that narcissistic wanker thinks).

Do it properly, even though you are probably a person I would have little other agreement with.

How the great democracies are failing.

A further quote, since it’s relevant …

The crisis isn’t Trump. It’s his Republican enablers

Trump is what he is. And what he is is a man who shouldn’t be president. The question is whether our political system is capable of responding to that kind of mistake, or threat, in any serious way. So far, the answer is no.

We don’t need to wonder when the crisis will hit; it already has. Every day since January 20, 2017, has been the crisis.